Fitness Center Consulting

Group Fitness is the cornerstone of any highly successful fitness facility.  Group Fitness Instructors have the ability to touch more members in a short period of time than any other staff person, (with the possible exception of a dynamic front desk receptionist.)  GFI’s will build rapport with your members, the connections members build in classes lead to community and that sense of belonging leads to long term commitment and retention.  And guess what?  Happy members bring other people with them.  No one ever said that about a treadmill.

Whether you are a start- up facility getting ready to open, an operation that isn’t satisfied with your current state of group fitness, or a studio that is currently functioning well, you must invest in the development of up to date programming, state of the art facilities and most importantly, an awesome team of instructors.

Beth can help you create your program from scratch, evaluate current state and make recommendations for improvement, review your instructor team and/or offer ongoing education designed specifically for your team. The following is a sample of services that can be provided in a variety of ways:


Initial Development or Comprehensive Review of Current State

  • General feedback on class schedule based on current industry standards and local competition.
    • Member demographics.

    • Number of “Generalist” instructors.

    • Number of “Specialist” instructors

    • Participation numbers

    • Times classes are offered

    • Styles of classes

    • Number of classes

    • General evaluation of a cross section of Instructors.

    • Create/review of class descriptions.

    • Create /review of marketing materials.

    • Create/review of policies and procedures.

In the case of reviewing current state, client to receive a summary of current state findings and recommendations for improvement.


Comprehensive Staff / Instructor Reviews

  • Full Class observation.
  • Immediate feedback conversation with Instructor including areas of focus.

  • Follow up written review for management and instructor with improvement ideas.


Staff Auditions

  • Arrange and facilitate auditions for new instructors.
  • Provide recommendations to facility.
  • Create mentor program for onboarding new team members.

Group Fitness Management Training

  • Train management staff in general, or Group Fitness Manager specifically, in the following areas:
    • How to report to stakeholders.

    • How to create key performance indicators

    • How to write class descriptions

    • How to create a class schedule

    • How to perform class evaluations and offer effective feedback

    • How to interview and audition instructors


On-Going Education and Staff Development

  • Based on your facility’s needs, Beth can create customized training for your fitness staff.  See descriptions listed under Fitness Academy for current workshops or request signature training for your team.