Creative Services

Creative Choreography: Are your fitness centers looking for ways to compete with the offerings of specialized studios and boutiques?  It may be time to consider creating your own in-house brands.  Beth can create Brand Architecture, creative content and training packages for your facility.  Stay cutting edge and on trend while giving your current staff growth opportunities to insure your programs are the best and that you retain your high performing talent.

Technical Expertise for Print and Video: In collaboration with the Art Director, Videographer, Product Managers and Models, Beth can ensure that your fitness-related images are authentic and technically sound. Beth can also create content, such as individual exercises or creative sequencing that is interesting and appealing to the eye, in order to show your products at their best.

Mobility for Elite Athletes: Mobility training for all athletes is key to both recovery and injury prevention.  Meeting the athlete in a place that they are comfortable, Beth’s unique blend of yoga, 3-D movement patterns and dynamic flexibility will keep your athletes engaged and healthy. Find out what a difference this type of training can make in a one off session.  Then commit to a pre-season plan!