Fitness Academy

Education tailored to YOUR Group of Fitness instructors, taking into account your fitness center needs. Beth Oliver's Fitness ACADEMY can be done in segments or as a weeklong immersion, and can include branding pieces specific client's needs.



The Brand You: The fitness industry relies heavily on part time specialty staff that come in and perform their jobs, often at a very high level, but perhaps not interacting with many of the other staff members or functions of our facilities.  At the same time, these specialists have a huge impact on the member experience, and we need to make sure that they are 100% on board as ambassadors of our brands.  Inspired by the bestseller written by Tom Peters, this workshop teaches staff members how to think of themselves as a brand, encourages them to understand their own skills and strengths as individual contributors and also how they mesh collectively as a team to carry out the company vision. By the end of this session your staff will have a better understanding of your fitness center brand, concrete skills to improve their presentation and commitment and a clear understanding of what it means to be “easy to manage”.  | All of the things club directors wish their staff would know!

Music 101: Music is the cornerstone of any effective group fitness class yet it is often over looked in training and may even seem to be an afterthought in the class itself. On the other hand, we have all experienced the magic that happens when music and movement are connected in such a way that they seem inseparable. In this workshop, participants learn music and song structure, how to count music, how to determine music that fits with the fitness center brand as well as the specific class, how to move with the music, how music influences cueing, and how to use music as a tool to improve participant performance and enjoyment. Regardless of the class format, participants will have an increased understanding and appreciation of how important music selection is and the improved skills to put together a great playlist. | Never get another complaint about music…or an instructor who doesn’t have rhythm! 

The Creative Challenge: One of the biggest challenges in the fitness industry is keeping up with the trends. While most instructors have genre’s that they naturally gravitate towards, you may have noticed some that can adapt to new formats with relative ease and/or others that stay within a format, but always seem to have something slightly new or interesting to do. We often just assume that some people are more creative than others. In this workshop, your staff will learn how to unleash their creative talents and learn the skills to hone them. We will unlock the mysteries behind creating interesting, effective, safe and fun choreography or training content. By the end of the session they will have improved skills that they can use on a daily basis to keep things interesting and fresh for their students and clients without having to “re-invent the wheel” every week. You will have a nimble team that can adjust quickly with the changing demands of our industry. | Creativity is a skill, and like any skill you and your staff get better with practice.

Coaching 101: Whether it’s a 1:1 training session, a small group specialty program or a large group fitness class, the conundrum is always the same. How do we keep things safe for everyone, allow participants to learn and improve in a supportive environment and still have room for the fun and enjoyment that keeps people coming back for more? Some people want a cheerleader, some want a best friend, some want a drill sergeant, and others just want the facts!  In this workshop, your staff will learn to recognize and adapt to client’s natural learning styles, will learn how to strategize cues for the best outcome, will broaden their use of language and will learn effective strategies to get the best out of the wide variety of participants they are likely to face. When participants are happy with their results, they end up being your best marketing campaigns all on their own! | How you get people to do what you want them to do, when you want them to do it…in a way that works for everyone.

Emotional Intelligence: You’ve heard it called many things: The “it” factor, the ability to “hold” a room, the “Pied Piper”, or the “consummate connector”.  The somewhat intangible things that make an instructor, trainer or front desk receptionist so popular!  It is the skill that allows someone to connect quickly with all sorts of different people, and form lasting bonds.  It is the art of finding common ground and building rapport. In this workshop, participants will learn practical skills to build rapport quickly, understand the difference between and when to use sympathy versus empathy, the distinction between personal and personable, the tricks to being a great listener and strategies for staying graceful under pressure.   This is how an individual builds a following and a facility builds member retention and satisfaction.  | Emotional Intelligence is how you build raving fans for life.

Pitch Perfect: Do you have trouble selling your good ideas up the management stream?   Do you have trainers or instructors who have come to you with creative programming concepts that never get off the ground? On the other hand, do you over hear trainers and instructors who seem to invite people to experience (buy into) their classes or sessions with ease and grace? In this workshop, we will look at how to make the perfect pitch, to improve your chances of getting a green light to proceed. Participants will learn the fundamentals of market research, how to prepare for a presentation and how to subtly shift their language to sell their ideas more effectively.  Whether the request is for budget money to add a new and novel class to the schedule or asking a member to attend a complimentary workout session, we are always selling our services! / The art of the subtle, yet effective, sell.